Pepin Series Webinar: Food Instagram: Identity, Influence and Negotiation


808 Commonwealth Avenue,Boston MA 02215

23 September


Zoom Webinar: participants will be sent link one day prior to the lecture. Image by image and hashtag by hashtag, Instagram has redefined the ways we relate to food. Emily J. H. Contois and Zenia Kish edit contributions that explore the massively popular social media platform as a space for self-identification, influence, transformation, and resistance. Artists and journalists join a wide range of scholars to look at food’s connection to Instagram from vantage points as diverse as Hong Kong’s camera-centric foodie culture, the platform’s long history with feminist eateries, and the photography of Australia’s livestock producers. What emerges is a portrait of an arena where people do more than build identities and influence. Users negotiate cultural, social, and economic practices in a place that, for all its democratic potential, reinforces entrenched dynamics of power. Interdisciplinary in approach and transnational in scope, Food Instagram offers general readers and experts alike new perspectives on an important social media space and its impact on a fundamental area of our lives. Emily J.H. Contois is Assistant Professor of Media Studies, University of Tulsa KC Hysmith is a PhD Candidate in American Studies at the University of North Carolina Zenia Kish is Assistant Professor Media Studies, University of Tulsa

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