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We are going to the CollegeFest at Fenway Park on October 1st from 10AM to 5PM to promote FreezeCrowd, and potentially hire a campus representative for the job or any other job a student might be looking for. You would serve as an ambassador to help promote FreezeCrowd to students at this event, and hand out swag when they signup and activate their FreezeCrowd profile! Please dress casually, but professionally with a button down shirt and dress jeans (no holes) are accepted. You will be required to join FreezeCrowd so that you can demonstrate it to attendees. We will provide you with a features script so that you are knowledgeable. Someone with little to not much experience is fine. FreezeCrowd is a unique social media platform and network for college students and alumni that connects you in photos with friends! You must be a college student to apply. You must also be ok with signing up for FreezeCrowd with your college edu email. Please send a picture with the college you attend, along with any promotional experience.

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