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I'm a chubby female I’m looking for a man to have prego fun & more. . . . . Huge yard sale!!! looking for bass player into bands like early Sabbath, the Stooges, Union Carbide Productions, St Vitus, early Monster Magnet, Thee Hypnotics, Black Flag, early Fu Manchu…Participants can experience the fun of singing in harmony right away while learning both traditional and non-traditional Christmas songs. The season will culminate in several sing-outs early in December and a Christmas concert on December 17. Our first Christmas Chorus rehearsal on October 6th will be an OPEN HOUSE where participants will sing, learn about the chorus, and meet the members. Light refreshments will be served. Some previous singing experience is helpful, but it is definitely not required. Participants need not bring anything but their voice and should wear casual clothing and comfortable shoes. Music will be provided. Participation is free, and there is no obligation.. I Just moved back here from CA and was playing for the band Bent Blue and No Plan - you can find and listen to both on any streaming service. MBV, Dead Can Dance, post-punk, shoegaze, goth - our influences. Providence area ensemble seeks a singer to help us put the finish on original music for live performance. Writing is a big plus. Practice space is in the Providence/Pawtucket area. Come make some beautiful noise with us. jam band. With all respect to The Dead, Phish and other bands in their lineage, that sound has just never been my cup of tea, so I'm on a quest for a project that carries the spirit of open, extended improv but with a different energy Please don't hesitate to reach out to me if this is relevant to you.Influences: Celtic Frost, Evoken, Misfits, COC, Danzig, Womb, Black Sabbath, Venom, My Dying Bride, Pink Floyd, Depeche Mode, Agnostic Front, Beatles, Type O Negative, Bathory, Swans I don't really consume too much media, like not too many movies and I'll re watch ATHF a couple times a year. I don't drink or smoke. I'm politically homeless, I like stoner rock, but I don't smoke weed. If you do, that's fine. I'm pretty childish and I don't expect someone to bend to my whim to appease me as a friend. You're aloud to be your own person, but goddamn it would be nice to have some similar interests or background.Looking for someone with range to cover classic -- Ann Wilson, Pat Benatar, Chrissie Hynde, Debbie Harry -- to more modern singers like Katy Perry, Grace Potter, Lady Gaga, Pink and Miley Cyrus -- and everywhere in between. Any age is fine, as long as you have ability to authentically reproduce (or come pretty damn close) some or all of these artists listed.Black Gives Way To Blue is an Alice in Chains tribute seeking a bassist. We know there are other AIC tributes out there. What separates us from the other tributes is one of the vocalists is female. We also plan to do old and new AIC songs (so Layne and William).

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