for him


Boston MA


back to the beginning many years ago just a 19 year old girl that walked in to a show and there sitting on a stool looking straight at me was the hottest little dead head my eyes had ever seen then I heard his voice the passion behind the song the smile on his face it didn’t take too long i knew nothing about him so I tried to play it cool but I had this feeling in my stomach i was falling straight for you when your set was finished you found me mingling outside we introduced ourselves and then we said goodbye i came to see you from time to time but I was still in school fast forward a few years and I bumped back into you you were playing at a bar in town it was just like de ja vu as soon as your set ended you got right up off your stool you found your way through the crowd and said hello to me i told you that I used to see you play back at ______ street a few months went by and the passion only grew the chemistry was there that we both knew i remember staring in your eyes while you were up on stage you smiling back at me as my body swayed we had some friends in common so our paths crossed from time to time you would always ask for hugs and your smile spoke your mind it felt like forever but it was only a few weeks Until the _____ blew up with random opinions of me you set the record straight and got in touch with me seems like after that the rest was history history in the making or history by design either way our souls were always intertwined i never thought we’d say goodbye i’m not sure that we did maybe that was fates way of knowing something that we didn’t don’t leave me on that shelf i’ve been there long enough lead with your heart and soul and simply try to trust ❤️ i think about you constantly. always in my heart and mind. the signs from the universe are screaming at me. i miss the signs from you.. i just miss you :(

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