Dating Q & A with Michelle Wax!


Virtual via Zoom,Boston MA 02127

21 September


This live Q & A is perfect for you if:-The one thing that’s missing in your life is a great relationship - you have a great job, friends + community, and enjoy life. -You find yourself overthinking on dates, texting in between dates, and questioning yourself throughout it all. -You have been attracting the wrong types of people that only want to hook up, don’t put in any effort, and/or aren’t interested in commitment -You don’t feel that confident in dating and want to increase your confidence. -You have trouble spotting red flags and find yourself giving your time, energy, and effort to people who don’t care as much as you -You have a fear of rejection and not sure how to get past it -You believe you can create an amazing relationship that ignites your soul, but you need guidance and support on exactly HOW to get there Grab your spot by clicking the button above to register and submit your questions!! Once you register, you'll receive a calendar invite with the Zoom link to join. Hi! I'm Michelle Wax and I help you stand out in a crowded dating world and build the confidence + mindset to catapult into an amazing relationship that lasts. I’ve traveled to all 50 states and interviewed 700+ people on how they create more joy and fulfillment in their own lives. It all comes back to one thing - relationships. Relationships with others, and even more importantly, the relationship you have with yourself. My signature Be the One method combines practicality, mindset, and science to create the reality you want. Together, we will shift your internal beliefs about yourself, ignite neuroplasticity + the subconscious mind to create a more empowered future, and tap into the deepest levels of human behavior & psychology to form a deep connection with your dates and future partner. On top of all that, we get into how to meet more people on your level, balance feminine + masculine energy, and learn to see dating as an exciting adventure instead of a boring chore. A couple of fun facts: -I live in South Boston and absolutely love life, the ocean, boxing, and iced coffee. -I tried out for American Idol once, and sang the Journey song ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ 😂 -I love Jeep Wranglers and driving with the windows down listening to country music -I believe you can create the reality you want, and your past doesn't define your future. -My favorite place in the entire world is Santorini, Greece. -I traveled to all 50 states in a span of 3 months, and filmed the American Happiness documentary along the way. -I’m fascinated with why people do what they do, and am always reading a book or listening to a podcast on psychology and mindset. To learn more about my philosophy and working together, feel free to check out the video below and visit you soon!!!

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