Learn to Make Fresh Pasta (Cooking Class+Dinner)


19 Kingston St, #1,Boston MA 02111

20 January


Learn to make delicious authentic Italian Pasta ABOUT THE ACTIVITY In this class, Chef Joe will instruct you on the timeless art of constructing fresh and delicious pasta! The majority of Boston cooking classes tend to not focus upon authentic Italian fare, so this is a real treat, as just about everyone loves pasta!You will learn how to make different kinds of pasta here, such as tortellini and gnocchi. Tortellini has a very distinctive ring shape and is typically stuffed with all sorts of delicious fillings from various cheeses to different kinds of meats. Gnocchi is a small kind of dumpling that is generally thick in texture and flavored with various herbs. Of course, the sauce is an important part of creating tasty pasta dishes, so you will also learn the different steps and ingredients that go into creating a flavorful and authentic ragout!Menu for this class: Italian Salad in Parmesan Crust BasketsFresh Mozzarella Cheese 4 Kinds of PastaTiramisu Hands-on cooking classes and team building activities by renowned Boston chefs. Vibrant Boston location hosting large groups for public classes and team outings. Dedicated event planner.

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