Boston's Vaccine Mandate Takes Effect Saturday: 5 Things To Know


Boston MA

13 January

9:42 AM


BOSTON — Big changes are coming to the City of Boston this weekend, and while small businesses and restaurants may be feeling the brunt of them, visitors to the city may have a few questions when they get stopped at the door. Starting Saturday, Jan. 15, 2022, Boston will follow a city-wide vaccine mandate as part of Mayor Michelle Wu's "B Together" program. Everyone 12 and older will have to show proof of vaccination to enter certain indoor spaces throughout the city. The "B Together" initiative will be broken into three categories: bars and restaurants, indoor gyms, theaters, nightclubs, and sports games, Wu said. Here's what you need to know to enter any of them after Saturday: Businesses can allow people to enter for certain quick purposes If a person requests an exemption from the vaccine requirement due to a disability, medical condition, or religious reason, businesses should engage in a conversation to determine whether a reasonable accommodation is possible. The city says that if a customer is unable to show proof of vaccination because of one of these reasons, businesses should not ask for documentation to back it up. Running into a store to use the bathroom, or to quickly grab take-out from a restaurant may be allowed for unvaccinated customers, and you don't have to scramble to find your vaccine card in a quick pinch situation. This mandate only applies to indoor areas Which sounds great in the summer, but in the middle of the winter, outdoor dining instances are few and far between. The mandate does not apply to open-air outdoor areas, food trucks offering items for outdoor consumption, or soup kitchens. Businesses can accept multiple forms of vaccination proof A picture of your vaccine card on your phone, the tangible card itself, or the new vaccine passport app are all acceptable ways to show proof of vaccination to enter Boston buildings. Here's how to get a MA COVID-19 vaccination card online. Can I bring my kid out to dinner in the city with me? While Saturday is the first day of the vaccine rollout for everyone aged 12 and older, entry will require proof of at least one dose. Both doses will be required for entry after Feb. 15, 2022. So if your child is over the age of 12 and unvaccinated, they will not be allowed inside a restaurant in the city, unless there is a religious or medical reason they are unvaccinated. But by starting May 1, everyone age 5 and older must show full proof of vaccination. The mandate does not currently require a booster for an individual to be considered fully vaccinated, but the City may modify this decision in the future. Small businesses will lose customers As if surviving the first wave of closures during the beginning of the pandemic wasn't hard enough, restaurants and bars will now have to turn away guests who have forgotten their vaccine cards, or who are unvaccinated for medical or personal reasons. While this may apply to a smaller number, it will also mean the restaurant or bar will have to staff someone to monitor the door of the restaurant, checking for vaccine cards. Some places are already making cutbacks, as the weeks following the new year holiday break prove to be the slower season for bars and restaurants anyway, but adding this mandate will only make patrons harder to come by. In addition, Wu said all Boston employees must have at least one dose of the vaccine by January 15, and they will be removing the weekly testing option. Last month, Boston police and firefighters unions filed a lawsuit seeking a temporary restraining order to halt the policy from being implemented, the Globe reported. More on Patch How To Get MA COVID-19 Vaccination Card OnlineBoston To Require Vaccination Proof For Some Indoor Spaces: WuCOVID Surge Shows First Sign Of Slowing In MassachusettsMelrose Not Committing To Following Boston's Vax MandateQuestionable COVID-19 Test Site Pops Up In Worcester

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