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Share your perspective with design firm IDEO ( to co-design a holistic solution that creates connectedness and revolutionizes how performance is recognized and celebrated for operations workforce employees. + Who: People who have experience working in e-commerce, distribution, packaging, delivery, and/or at a general merchandise retailer + What: A group of participants who will co-design with IDEO a holistic solution for operations workforce employees + Format: Individual or group conversations with the option of joining additional feedback sessions throughout the next several months. You may also have the opportunity to complete paid independent “homework” feedback activities. + Where: Remotely, via Zoom and an online diary tool + When: Between January 17-March 7 (scheduled around participant availability) + Compensation: All activities will be paid at $100/hour to recognize your valuable design contributions Fill out our interest form to apply: Participation is not guaranteed. There is no compensation for filling out the interest form

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