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About Us: We are Caustic Echoes a 3 pc(vocals, drums guitars) melodic metal band out of the Boston area. Our previous guitarist left on good terms and we are looking for a new guitarist with great chops, an ear for what sounds good (vs. what is just technical) and wants to leave a real dent in the New England metal scene. Our musical style is a hybrid style mixing elements of progressive melodic metal to thrash to metalcore to even sounds you might hear on hard rock stations. Our sound is a hybrid of Killswitch, Novelists Fr, Erra, Lamb of God, Alice in Chains and others. Our music can range from full, balls out screaming to more slow and melodic and even hook driven ballads. Our emphasis is on well written songs that are palatable to most metal or rocks ears with hook driven vocals, but that doesn’t imply we won’t rip your face off when needed. We have a little something for everyone. We released a simplistic 3 track EP ( and are actively recording our debut full length album. We have a couple additional completed, unreleased tracks, which we can share upon request.   What we’re looking for: We are looking for someone who is first and foremost reliable. Technical ability is important, but it is crucial that you are able to consistently show up to practices and shows. We are looking for a guitarist who can quickly learn 10 songs and ultimately contribute to the writing process as well. Our immediate goals are to finish recoding our album in early 2022 and resume playing shows around the greater Boston area ASAP. We currently rehearse in the guitarists home studio in Milford, Ma on Thursdays from 730-930 roughly. Our guitarist has a sound proofed, secure basement. We also are tracking, mixing and mastering the album there as well. We are using Mondays to track for the album and rehearse for any upcoming shows as needed, but Thursday is the current set in stone date.   Nice to Have’s We are looking for someone easy going but serious about the music and sounding good. We all have full time day jobs but are fully committed to sounding professional. Ability to sing backups clean harmonies and screams are welcome. Creating content, art, social media savvy, booking shows, etc…. are also amazing things to bring to the table we need.   Social Media, etc Facebook - Instagram - Bandcamp - YouTube - Spotify -   If you think you might be a good fit for this project we want to know a little about you. Let us know where you live, musical influences, gear and whatever else relevant. We assume you have been in other bands and in recordings so we’d love to hear about your time in those bands and hear your best material!

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