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Boston MA


Looking for a male to have fun with. In & out of the bedroom.contect me On December 27 I lost an earring (not a precious stone but precious to me)- looks like a large rough cut diamond or quartz. Lost perhaps on a walk, from the courthouse area to the bike path heading south until the first foot bridge.. They didn't keep the letters or the picture, I no idea what her mother's name is. I just found out about her, so I’m just trying to find her.. One older grey stripe with green eyes female. Female grey and white with yellow eyes. they are chipped. Lost at entrance to The Westwood Ranches, off grid land, Williams Az, area between seligman and Chino. Lost out of my car at the entrance gate. lost in march 2019, reward if pictures. We adopted this precious dog yesterday while we were in Ruidoso. It was unexpected. She took to my husband immediately. Slept with us last night, and got along amazingly with our other dogs. Today she jumped our wall. The dogs were our Male Siamese/Sealpoint 6yrs. old. Mostly off- white with dark brown markings on ears and head and 8-10lbs. Medium sized, about 11/2ft. long, about 8 in. high. Indoor cat that I found outside when very young. Was on enclosed patio and took off after a visiting cat. VERY SHY, but sweet-tempered. Last night, We need help finding our cat, Splinter. He is all gray with some very-hard-to-see dark rings around his tail, and a wisp of white fur on his belly between his legs. He also has a kink at the end of his tail. He has been gone since Wednesday, December 22nd. He was wearing a mostly white collar with orange trim but might have lost it since then. He is very friendly and often plops on the ground for belly rubs in front of people walking down the bike path. Please message if you have seen him or know where he might be found. Splinter is very missed by our whole family and we are so worried.

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