Move a bedroom from Chelsea to Dedham


Cottage near Shuetleff, Boston MA


I am moving from a room in Chelsea to a room in Dedham and need someone to move the items, and could be done fastest with two people. Items include: broken down canopy bed. Queen sized mattress, two twin sized box springs, floor lamp, long wooden sleigh chair, six containers with clothes and misc items, heavy wooden bench, breakfast nook table, breakfast nook benches (two pieces), small wooden desk, three Ikea book shelves, 2x4 cubes Ikea shelf (assembled), disassembled Ikea book shelf, boxes of books from the shelves (many). The books and the shelves will go to Hyde Park, and the rest will go a quarter of a mile away from the first stop, but in Dedham. The starting place is a 2story walk up. The place in Hyde park is an industrial building with an elevator if you have a flat dolly) - but the books would go up into a lofted area. The house where the bed room items will go is a two story. Let me know your price and how to contact you if interested.

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