MRI Study on Emotion!


Boston MA


MRI Study on Emotion! Help us understand how the brain produces emotions by participating in our research study! Compensation: Approximately $135. You will receive $40/hour for an MRI session, rounded up to the nearest 15 minute interval. In addition, you will receive $15 for an online survey. Free parking is available at the MRI scanning center and participants will be reimbursed for the parking the fee at the Northeastern University Renaissance Garage. You must: • Be between 18-40 years old. • Be right-handed. • Be vaccinated for COVID-19 and show verification • Have normal/corrected-to-normal vision. • Have no metal in your body. • Be a fluent English speaker. • Be a non-smoker. • Have no underlying health issues. • Have no current or prior psychiatric diagnosis • Not be a pregnant woman • Have no skin allergies or sensitive skin Location: Interdisciplinary Science & Engineering Complex Northeastern University 805 Columbus Ave Boston, MA Contact information: Affective and Brain Sciences Lab Northeastern University Department of Psychology This study has been reviewed and approved by the Northeastern University Institutional Review Board (#18-02-30).

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