BOOM Song-a-laka Bingo @ Saigon Outcast


44921 George Washington Boulevard,Ashburn VA 20147

15 June


BOOM Song-a-laka Bingo @ Saigon Outcast What’s BOOM Song-a-laka Bingo? Well....Get a bingo card and a glass of beer (or wine) and come find out! Do you have the music recognition skills to outlast the competition? It’s more fun than should be allowed on a school night! Our Music Bingo events are all-ages. We’ll rotate the genres and games each week (Genres, Decades, TV/Movie, etc) so keep on coming each week because it’ll always be different and it’ll always be fun! Here’s how it works: You will receive a bingo card for each round and Music will play over the speakers. If you correctly identify the song, and it is on your card, you mark that song. If you get 5 in a row before anyone else, you’ll win a sweet prize. And as an added twist, if two or more people get bingo at the same time, we’ll have a lip-sync dance-off to determine the winner (by popular vote of course). The only requirement for BOOM Song-a-laka Bingo is that you must be able to sing at the top of your lungs and have a good time. We can’t wait to see you! Please arrive early! Seats are first come first served. Saigon Outcast is a mashup of our Vietnamese heritage and our American upbringing, presenting you with an East meets West menu and a boisterous atmosphere to match. We add a new twist to fast-casual dining – order at the counter, pour yourself a drink, grab a table, and partake in good times with good people. We have exciting weekly events such Live music, Paint & Sip, Trivia & Game Night, Open Mic Night, Karaoke Night, Contests Prizes, Cars & Hops/Cars & Cigars Events, Sport Events, Gamer Events and much so more...

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