fully take cstalina macaw needs new home


Ashburn VA


fully tame catalina macaw hybrid. about 5 years old. never ever bites, even when hes annoyed he just mouths you but doesnt bute down. lets you pet him. is great with my kids. gets handled by a five year old regularly with no problem. is around large dogs with no problem.HAS NEVER BIT. nor will he. he will go to anyone. is very quiet for a macaw. talks a bit says a few phrases. is a calmer boy. and he is very big for a catalina. the size of a greenwing for sure. ive seen catalinas and hes by far the biggest ive seen. would make the best pet ever but lately ive been seeing him rub tails with anything and everything. so if soneone has a female, hes ready to go. is a great bird overall. 3500. contact me with a phone number

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