The Democratic Party Must Be Removed From The Body Of America


Ashburn VA


A vile poison has spread throughout our land infecting it with the poison of hate and Marxism. To have suggested communism as a solution is like having a cold and shooting yourself in the head thinking it's the cure. These are sick evil people that only hunger for more and more power. Then you have over 120 of our Generals warning America that we are in the middle of a Marxist revolution. We have traitors that have to be dealt with. It will be up to the people themselves since we have all witnessed the corruption of our so-called Media, justice system in Washington that allows criminal politicians to subvert our laws and constitution with no consequences for their crimes and social media CEO's to lie to Congress without penalty of law while those targeted for false malicious prosecution end up in the cross-hairs of a government and Democrat madmen gone rouge.

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