Loudoun County Government: Pool And Water Safety


Ashburn VA

25 May

6:15 PM


Press release from the Loudoun County Government: May 25, 2021 Loudoun County Fire and Rescue encourages residents to follow these water safety tips and educate your family about water safety before your next trip to the pool. FOR ADULTS: Children must be actively supervised at all times with no distractions – put that cellphone down! Teach children to obey the posted rules to include swimming restrictions and potential hazards. Ensure pools and spas are fenced on all sides with a self-closing and latching gate. Always have a way to call 911 and know your location should you need help! A U.S. Coast guard approved lifejacket should be worn for water sports such as tubing, skiing, or jet skiing. Pool toys such as inner tubes, water wings and inflatable rafts are not safe substitutes for approved lifejackets. Swimmers should only use recreational items such as slides, diving boards, etc. in approved areas. Avoid non-commercial items such as tree swings, ropes, and similar items due to potential unsafe conditions. Know CPR. Find a CPR class near you. FOR CHILDREN: Following these water safety recommendations and always ensuring you have a means to call 911 for help can keep your family safe during the summer season. Print and post this helpful Water Safety Flyer. *Source: National Safety Council This press release was produced by the Loudoun County Government. The views expressed here are the author's own.

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